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Angels Bootcamp

How do you become the angel investor you've always wanted to be, and that all founders want.

Take our Angels 101 Bootcamp on the 25th of February, Saturday, from 9 am - 4 pm. Breakfast, lunch and a snack are provided at only 500 dhs / person. 🤗

This angels bootcamp is for you!


The Curriculum

The risks involved in angel investing

What risks are there in angel investing, and investing? 


Understanding finance

What financial metrics do you need to know? What questions should you be asking?


Understanding due diligence

We teach you how to understand and conduct due diligence.


Legal and deal terms

We explain the different term sheets and how to negotiate your fair share, remain involved and look after your investment.

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Enakshi Roy
Due Diligence
Learn how to conduct due diligence on a startup.
Louiza Chitour
Learn about the different stages of growth of a startup and how your investment can help.
Abdallah Mutawi
Learn about the risks involved in angel investing.
Suraya Turk
Learn about the legal speak and term sheets that accompany an angel investment.
Rawan Baddour
Learn about different financial metrics that are important in the startup world and in angel investing.
Nancy Najm
Learn why community is so important to your network and how it affects deal flow.

Your instructors i.e. the experts



Rawan Baddour
Co-Founder, Zest Equity

Rawan has spent most of her professional life in finance and banking, and has a deep understanding of the region's financial markets and nuances. She is co-founder of Zest Equity, a Dubai-based fintech.



Louiza Chitour
GCC Director Health, 
Plug & Play

Louiza has spent the last 15 years in Asia and MEA deepening her understanding of the pharma and healthcare industries. She is passionate about using tech to close healthcare gaps and accelerate the development of new solutions and therapies.


Due Diligence

Enakshi Roy

Enakshi is an experienced ,fundamental, long-term equity investor with a passion for emerging markets. She is currently involved in advising companies on ESG investing and mentoring activities with start-ups in the UAE.



Suraya Turk
Managing Partner, 
Legal Circle

Suraya is Managing Partner and Head of Corporate Commercial at Legal Circle law firm in the UAE. She works with tech start ups, SME's, multinational companies, VCs etc., advising and representing them in the UAE on all corporate advisory and litigation matters.



Nancy Najm
Co-founder & CEO, 

Nancy is the co-founder of Cloudhoods, an EdTech platform that supports, connects & empowers women to reach their full potential through access to expert sessions & shared experiences of like-minded women, related to professional growth, mental health & parenting. Her specialties include developing strategic business partnerships, and product roll-out & design.



Abdallah Mutawi
Dubai Angel Investors

Abdallah is Chairman of the Dubai Angel Investors and an experienced  lawyer with more than 30 years of corporate finance, M&A and VC work. He is  a serial angel investor with many personal investments including successful exits.

All this for 500 dhs / person.

Let's change the game

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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