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Today, only 15% of angel investors are female.

We are on a mission to change that. 


Our mission is to diversify the early-stage investment landscape in MENA by identifying 2,022 female angel investors who have an appetite for the region.


How you can participate

Be an ally

Whether you are male or female, get on our mailing list, engage with our social media content, talk to women in your networks about investments and signpost them to our movement.

Be an educator 

We're big on education, and we believe that knowledge is the power women need to manage their money. Volunteer your time to hold workshops for our community in person or online.

Be a silent supporter

Simply sign up to our mailing list, stay informed, and support us by being a link in the chain of our movement!

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Thank you!

282 female angels confirmed

1,740 female angels to go

What people are saying

Big congrats Sophie and 2022 Female Angels! I love the OKR and celebrating an important milestone towards bigger impact for the region! 🚀 Keep rocking! We keep supporting!

Roberto Croci - Non-Executive Director, N2

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Let's change the game

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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